Our diverse backgrounds have brought us together much like colors mixing on a palette wheel. We draw inspiration from our varied experiences to create games that resonate with a broad audience, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Firesight Studios is not just a gaming company, it's a testament to the power of diversity and shared values to inspire, innovate, and make a positive impact.

Graphics Artists

Julius (GustoArt) Hubbard


Julius Hubbard, a talented graphics artist and co-founder of Firesight Studios in Chattanooga, TN, has been active in the creative field since 2010. He excels in both traditional and digital mediums, specializing in socially abstract and surrealistic paintings. His work has been featured in prestigious galleries like the Hunter Museum and Betsey Smith Hall, earning him significant recognition.

In addition to his artistic career, Julius is a dedicated firefighter for the City of Chattanooga, committed to serving his community. His dual roles reflect his multifaceted talents and have been crucial to Firesight Studios' success.

Julius is happily married and the proud father of two daughters. His passion and visionary skills continue to contribute to Firesight Studios, creating captivating visual experiences for audiences worldwide.


Justin Zimmerman


Justin, a co-founder of Firesight Studios, brings a unique blend of experiences as both a programmer and a former firefighter for the City of Chattanooga, sharing a common background with Julius. Since 2011, Justin has specialized in server-side and client-side technologies, focusing on game development with Unity to create captivating gaming experiences.

As a key figure in Firesight Studios, Justin has been instrumental in shaping the studio's vision and driving its success. His commitment to emerging technologies ensures the studio remains innovative.

Outside of work, Justin is a devoted family man, happily married and the proud father of three children. He continues to create engaging games for Firesight Studios while finding joy and fulfillment in his family life.

Project Manager

Nathaniel Hubbard

Project Manager

Nathaniel Hubbard is a seasoned project manager at Firesight Studios, a leading gaming company. With over 3 years of management experience and 2 years in finance management, Nathaniel excels in leading teams and ensuring efficient resource allocation for high-quality project delivery.

His 15+ years of customer service experience underscore his commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for gamers and maintaining strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. Nathaniel's strategic planning and problem-solving skills, honed over 8+ years, enable him to navigate the dynamic gaming industry and drive the success of Firesight Studios' projects.

Outside of work, Nathaniel is a devoted family man and father. His extensive experience, leadership abilities, and passion for the gaming industry are pivotal in creating immersive gaming experiences and contributing to Firesight Studios' success.