Palette Splash

Palette Splash is a fun-filled color learning game suitable for everyone! Immerse yourself in a colorful world and navigate through challenges posed by Decoy Jones, a pesky pest who will put your skills to the test. Get ready to master colors in an engaging and exciting way!

Why Palette Splash?

  • Dynamic Palette Wheel Experience the thrill of color mixing in a spinning palette wheel.
  • Challenging Levels 3000 levels of increasing difficulty to keep you hooked.
  • Bonus Levels Enjoy special bonus levels that add an extra layer of excitement.
  • Decoy Jones Navigate through challenges as the mischievous character tries to thwart your efforts.



Palette Splash is set on the vibrant planet of Prismia, where colors are more than just a visual experience, they are living entities.
In this world, tribes and families composed of Shades, Values and Hue coexist in perfect harmony and boundless affection.
The inhabitants of Prismia, known as Prismians, have an insatiable desire to experiment with mixing colors, producing both subtle and bold hues.
According to legend, all the colors in the universe were born on this cosmic canvas.

Decoy Jones

Decoy Jones hails from a mysterious planet known as Incognitum, where uncertainty reigns supreme and its inhabitants thrive on the thrill of the unknown.
Living in a perpetual state of unpredictability, they embrace the belief that life is best lived without knowing what the future holds, or how it will unfold.

Dr. Schrodinger

In the midst of tinkering in Dr. Schrodinger's laboratory, Decoy Jones carelessly concocted a cocktail of chemicals that triggered a portal, hurtling him into an alternate dimension.
Landing on Prismia, Jones quickly adapted to his new surroundings, injecting his trademark impulsive behavior into the lives of those around him.
Although desperate to find his way back home, Jones couldn't resist the temptation to spread his love for spontaneity and adventure, much to the chagrin of the locals.
As he roamed Prismia, he relished the opportunity to shake up the monotony of their predictable lives with his whimsical decision-making.

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